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KKLP - Life Languages™

The Life Languages™ is a communication tool that helps the individual gain knowledge on how to communicate effectively. There are 7 languages which we all speak at different levels and intensities. The Life Languages™ profile lists out filters, needs, passion, key strength, and so much more. The individual will be able to have a deeper understanding of their own self and others. 

Personal KLLP™

This is a unique and quantifying profile that shows your 7 Life Languages™.

Some people like to THINK before they act, some need to express their FEELINGS first and some need to ACT quickly. There is no right or wrong way…we are all different!

This is just one of the many insights you will learn about yourself and may give you clues as to how those around you relate to you.


Your personal profile is up to 15 pages long and contains many
valuable insights and keys to successful communication.

White Flowers

Professional KLLP™

This is a very powerful, illuminating and invaluable way to discover
even more about your communication preferences.

It includes everything found in your Personal Profile plus so many more useful insights and is designed for those who wish to understand themselves and therefore others at a deeper level. 

It goes even deeper into your learning preferences, acceptance levels, intensity, leadership style,
susceptibility to stress, internal control etc. and includes an additional 9-11 pages of insights, tips,
and keys to greater success.

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