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Fairy Lights


'owr (pronounced: ore)

Strong's #216

Origin: Hebrew

Definition: illumination or (concrete) luminary (in every sense, including lightning, happiness, etc.):--bright, clear, light of life, light of prosperity, light of face, Jehovah as Israel' s light

It is owr hope to be able to bring light back to a person's health. We believe that everyone has a 'light' within them and we are dedicated to help owr patients on the road to successful health. 

Will you join us on owr mission?

Genesis 1:3-5, Exodus 10:23, 2 Samuel 23:4, Job 33:30, Job 36:30, Psalms 4:6, Psalms 27:1, Psalms 36:9, Psalms 37:6, Psalms 43:3, Psalms 56:13, Psalms 97:11, Psalms 112:4, Psalms 119:105, Psalms 148:3, Proverbs 13:9, Isaiah 60:1, 19, 20 

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