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Where Health Begins


At OWR we believe that total wellness begins within a person. We are here to coach and educate our patients how to achieve their optimal health by giving control back to the patient. Each person is different and we treat each person with a a personalized treatment plan depending on the patient's health goals. We become like a health detective for our patients to understand and unravel the mysteries of their conditions and then empower them to make the best health choices for them.

What to expect

When you decide to embark on this higher health journey with us, we will send a Functional Medicine Intake form. Once this is completed and sent back to us, the doctor will thoroughly review the entire intake and any past medical history. We will then contact you for the first appointment which the doctor will review insights of any findings, the care plan, and action steps to start you on this journey. The action steps could include review of previous studies, further questionnaire, blood test(s), and/or diagnostic studies. You can expect high quality of care and detailed attention to your health and tests as the doctor helps to uncover underlining issues. It is to the upmost important for the doctor to find the root cause of the symptoms. A summary of the data is always given to the patient and all questions will be addressed. 

Wellness Consultant: Services
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