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The general public has come to accept that fluoride is necessary in your toothpaste for your teeth enamel, but what is it, why is it necessary, and why does my dentist insist I take it?

I recently went to the dentist for my biannual cleaning and I asked my dental hygienist to give me documented research with clinical trials that shows the effectiveness of fluoride and teeth enamel. She proceeded to tell me that she knows of no study and that in school they were taught to just administer it. She proceeded to tell me that she really makes her decisions by what others say and her feelings about the subject. This left me feeling annoyed.

Fluoride is defined by the FDA as a drug. Fluoride weakens bones. Fluoride damages the brain. There are over 300 research studies showing fluoride as a neurotoxin among these are studies from Harvard, U.S. National Research Council, and the Lancet. Dr. Mercola released a very in-depth article on the dangers of fluoride and you can find more information at

Unfortunately, we are exposed to this drug in our own water! Fluoride is the only chemical added to water that is not actually intended to treat the water. There is no reason why we would need to consume fluoride. Even if you have a water filtration does not mean you are getting rid of this drug.

Live mindfully and educate yourself.

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