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Still giving Tylenol to reduce a fever? STOP! Do this instead. (#4 is my fav 😍)

1. Don't worry so much about the fever! A fever is the body's way of trying to fight off the infection. If you constantly try to reduce the fever the body won't be able to effectively fight the fever. It is good to monitor the fever to make sure it isn't too high (over 104) but don't rush to NSAIDs when you notice your baby is a little warm.

2. Breastfed on demand (if you can). When you breastfed your baby while they are experiencing a fever, your breast milk actually responds and changes its constituents to support their body in the healing process. So cool.

3. Homeopathic remedies. They are simply amazing. They are very safe, highly effective, and aren't filled with "junk". I love Hyland's infant line of homeopathics. They give a bunch of different ones to support baby while they are experiencing symptoms. Chose the right formula for your baby by talking to your functional medicine practitioner 😉

4. Healy device. Ok, so this is my favorite. The Healy is a device that is non invasive and gives me insight to specifically what the person needs. This is great to use with babies because they can't quite communicate what's wrong. This device not only shows what the person needs, but can also deliver the correct frequency to help support the person in their healing. Use up to 3 programs a day.

5. Essential oils. So many good ones are there for supporting immune. I like to dilute Thieves eo and rub on baby's feet. I also diffuse it throughout the house. You can use oregano eo, frankincense, lavender, etc.

6. Snuggles. Lot's of snuggles will help regulate their temperature and gives them a good dose of oxytocin. Oxytocin has shown to be able to boost the immune response, can be anti-inflammatory, and can have the same effects as anti-biotics!¹ So pull up a rocking chair and stay a while with your little one.

7. Last but not least, take care of yourself. Your little one needs you. So take the time to boost your own immunity. Drink your tea with honey, run the Healy on yourself, rub on some eos, and eat a good balanced meal. You've got this!

¹Li T, Wang P, Wang SC, Wang YF. Approaches Mediating Oxytocin Regulation of the Immune System. Front Immunol. 2017 Jan 10;7:693. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2016.00693. PMID: 28119696; PMCID: PMC5223438.

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Racheal Hill
Racheal Hill
22 de fev. de 2023

I would like to get a Healy. Sounds so cool. All of these are great!

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